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Discover the Lighthouse Connections of L. M. Montgomery

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

When L. M. Montgomery published Anne's House of Dreams in 1917, she was far from home.

Like all her books, Anne's House of Dreams is infused with the author's love for a small island. A place of winding red roads and a wealth of lighthouses, Prince Edward Island is described so lyrically in Montgomery's writing that I feel her deep connection and love of place along with her.

Final moments of sunset, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

When she wrote this entry in her journal on June 1, 1909, she had no way of knowing she'd be leaving her home and Prince Edward Island within two years:

"The good hour came as I was walking home alone. Before me arched the afterlife of a glorious sea-sunset. The tall slender firs along the moist red road came out against it in a grace and beauty that made me ache for joy,..

It is at such moments that I realize how deeply rooted and strong is my love for this old place...a love of instinct and passion, blent with every fibre of my soul.

It is terrible to love things—and people—as I do!"

— L. M. Montgomery