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5 Special Places in Literature: A Sense of Place and the Imagination

Updated: Mar 9


The heady scents of wisteria mixed with orange blossoms in spring...

When I opened my window as a child, these are the fragrances that greeted me. We called our home merely "The Place." An orange grove sent out its fragrance just beyond my bedroom window. In the stillness of morning, On summer mornings, I ran outside to pick an orange, ripe and sweet, right off the tree. As I held it in my hand, I could feel the warmth of the sun on it.

Even as the city crowded around my childhood home and more and more cars zipped by, wild violets grew in shady spots under a cedar tree. It seemed one of the last holdouts of a disappearing California.

The trees and violets are gone now, torn up to make room for a complex of medical offices. Yet, it is those scents of childhood that still linger in my memory.

Writers often draw on memories, perhaps especially of a time that has disappeared. In their imaginations, the influence of home echoes in their stories. Here are five beloved authors and a look at the homes reflected in their words:

5. Little Lea

76 Circular Road