• Linda Borromeo

Stars Through an Autumn Twilight: A Harvest of Lighthouses on Prince Edward Island

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Is it because I grew up in the desert? My imagination has always harbored a fascination for islands and lighthouses.

I think whatever is far away from our everyday world acquires a certain mystique. And in my desert world, when temperatures soared into the 90s or even reached the100s in September, I loved escaping to stories with sea-swept islands and lighthouses.

One of my favorites now is Anne's House of Dreams by L.M. Montgomery.

Is Captain Jim's Lighthouse Real?

When I read Anne's House of Dreams once again, I wondered, Is Captain Jim's lighthouse based on a real place on Prince Edward Island?

I discovered the surprising answer and wrote about what I found out here >

After delving into this island world, I wanted to do a follow-up blog featuring Prince Edward Island lighthouses in all their striking beauty and variety.

Here is my harvest of enchanting PEI lighthouses to celebrate the beginning of autumn with you:

There's a small lighthouse in the lower left corner of the book cover.

September is the month when Anne Shirley Blythe leaves her childhood home of Green Gables to find her "house of dreams" at Four Winds Harbor:

Why is there an "old" Cape Tryon and a "new" Cape Tryon Lighthouse? What is their connection to L. M. Montgomery? Discover their story here >

Lighthouse Lore: On Prince Edward Island, there are 61 lighthouses and range light buildings on the island's scalloped coastline.

Click below to see my video version of the "Lighthouses of Prince Edward Island," with added quotes and more of these beautiful lighthouses:

Happy first day of autumn to you!

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Although I grew up where temperatures rise to 110 degrees or more, I now live in the Pacific Northwest, It's at least 30 degrees cooler in the summer and lighthouses are, delightfully, close by.

My first book, Mystery Shores, takes place on a secretive lighthouse island. The mystery unfolds along the Washington Coast in 1893.