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So do I! Please join me for a Creative Walk. Along the way, we'll find quotes,  encouragement and pictures I've taken in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.   Linda

Reflections on Harvest Time

When you first think about it, Christmas seems to get all the love when it comes to music. However, looking a little deeper, harvest celebrations and Thanksgiving have some beautiful songs too. Here's one of my favorites:

Listening to the lyrics, I can easily imagine a farmer scattering seed—she knows there will be a time of waiting until the harvest can be gathered in, and the waiting is filled with hard work.

It's the same for planting words: it seems to take a lot of time between starting a book and finishing the story. 

As the farmer waits after the seed is planted, there's also a long "middle time" for every creative project, but the harvest is sweet. 

Happy Thanksgiving and many blessings to you for a bountiful harvest for your writing and other creative projects.

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