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Keep Discovering: The Wonder of Printed Words

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Once upon a time, a shy little girl sat reading at her desk in a combined fifth and sixth grade classroom. Bright sunshine filtered through the windows, but she failed to notice it. During an hour given over to silent reading, she’d become lost in the story world of The Swiss Family Robinson. A voyage of appeal for help...a thrilling rescue...everything else slipped away.

“Linda…” A voice intruded into the wonder of printed words.


The tropical island she was exploring in the book disappeared. Her teacher’s voice took over.

She looked up to see thirty pairs of eyes locked on her. Soon giggles from some of the girls and teasing laughter from a few of the boys surrounded her. Her toes began to curl and she felt her face heat. She realized the rest of the children had put away their own reading. The teacher had long ago started another lesson while her head was still bent over the open book.

Although this teacher was not one to scold, she expected him to tell her to pay better attention in the future. She waited for the words that would only make her feel more awkward. Instead, her teacher began talking about the remarkable adventure of becoming caught up in a story.

Anyone, he said, who could explore new lands, thoughts and ideas in a book had found a treasure no one could take away. The enchantment of a deeply-felt story would last a lifetime. He praised those who could appreciate a good book and block out any interruptions—interruptions that included his own teaching! By the time he