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A Lighthouse Book Goes Wild

Updated: Feb 21

I first heard about from my Scottish reading friend, Allison M. Allison has a terrific blog about the author Mary Stewart. In her post, Allison relates the adventures of three Mary Stewart books she released "into the wild" on her holiday to Poland recently.

I had never heard of Bookcrossing before, but love the way Allison describes it. It seems like such a fun way to share books and follow the path they take.

I learned that Bookcrossing allows readers to register a book and then leave it on a park bench, a café table, or any other place where a book can be found and appreciated by a new reader.

I wanted to try sharing a book myself after seeing Allison's blog. I selected a lighthouse theme for my first try at Bookcrossing. The book is by one of my favorite authors, Elinor DeWire: The Lightkeepers' Menagerie: Stories of Animals at Lighthouses.

I picked the beautiful Zuanich Point Park as the location. Overlooking the San Juan Islands, it seemed like the perfect place for a lighthouse book to go wild. Next, I found a bench overlooking the water.

Here's the view the book had while waiting for someone to find it: