Book 1


 Unexpected freedom. Hidden menace.

When a dangerous secret forces Christie to go on the run, her quest for answers leads to a remote, sea-swept lighthouse island.


Christie finds the island is alive with remarkable sights—high cliffs, tufted puffins and a rare Northwest dog.


But when more island secrets threaten Christie and her vulnerable friend, will she be able to save them from a treacherous enemy?

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Elinor DeWire, author of Guardians of the Lights
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1. I'm a half Forest Ranger. I love the outdoors and took classes such as Forestry 101 and Wildlife Management, however...

2. I went on to work in the magical Land of Libraries instead (I also love books).

3. I wrote my first long story at the age of nine. This adventurous tale starred a young gazelle facing danger and intrigue on the African savanna.

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There are no gazelles in my stories this time, but you'll find an amazing Northwest dog, puffins, donkeys, and a rescued cat named Dickens.

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 Linda's Featured Blogs 

 Linda's Featured Blogs 

5 Ways Reading Helps You Succeed in the New Year

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In my stories, you'll find islands, mystery, friendship and danger. 

My novel, Mystery Shores, is set on a lighthouse island filled with secrets. 

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