Summer Views

Mystery is at the heart of creativity. That, and surprise.


—Julia Cameron

All of a sudden, I found myself surrounded by wings. The Swallowtail butterflies floated on soft, invisible breezes everywhere I turned. I quickly reached for my camera. 


The sun in my eyes made it difficult to see—I simply pointed the camera in the general direction. I hoped to avoid my usual picture of blurry wings disappearing off the top of the photo!

I was definitely surprised when I saw the picture. The light obscuring my focus made the butterfly's wings glow like stained glass. I loved seeing all the beautiful details and lines.


I'm sometimes unsure when I sit down to write. Temptation sits down right next to me. It insinuates I should surf the internet (for a few minutes, ha!). If I just get started and point the words in the right direction, I'm often surprised by how things turn out.

In my stories, you'll find islands, mystery, friendship, and danger. 

My novel, Mystery Shores, is set on a lighthouse island filled with secrets. 

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