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Autumn Views

Reflections on Harvest Time

Autumn Reflections.JPG

When you first think about it, Christmas seems to get all the love when it comes to music. However, looking a little deeper, harvest celebrations and Thanksgiving have some beautiful songs too. Here's one of my favorites:

Autumn Hymn (2).jpg

Listening to the lyrics, I can easily imagine a farmer scattering seed—she knows there will be a time of waiting until the harvest can be gathered in, and the waiting is filled with hard work.

It's the same for planting words: it seems to take a lot of time between starting a book and finishing the story. 

apples-3661799_1920 (1).jpg

As the farmer waits after the seed is planted, there's also a long "middle time" for every creative project, but the harvest is sweet. 

Happy Thanksgiving and many blessings to you for a bountiful harvest for your writing and other creative projects.

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