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Psalm 23 

Bay Psalm Book

The Lord to mee a shepheard is,
 want therefore shall not I,


Hee in the folds of tender-grasse,
doth cause mee downe to lie:


To waters calme me gently leads

Restore my soule doth hee:
he doth in paths of righteousnes

for his names sake leade mee.

Yea though in valley of deaths shade
I walk, none ill I’le feare:
because thou art with mee, thy rod,
and staffe my comfort are.


For mee a table thou hast spread,
in presence of my foes:
thou dost annoynt my head with oyle,
my cup it over-flowes.


Goodnes & mercy surely shall
all my dayes follow mee:
and in the Lords house I shall dwell
so long as dayes shall bee.

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