5 Ways Reading Helps You Succeed in the New Year

December 22, 2018


I've finally put together a list of New Year's resolutions I can keep in 2019:



Although my resolutions may be a little bit "focused," a January 1st filled with reading resolutions can lead to a successful, productive— and very enjoyable—New Year for 2019. 


Bill Gates has famously taken two "Think Weeks" annually for many years. He loads up on books and other material, focusing on reading for 15 hours a day. Now, that may be too much for most people, even bibliophiles (or perhaps not!). In the end, he returns to "real life" filled with new ideas and inventive ways of looking at present and future projects.


Reading has been proven to have many benefits to enhance our lives. Here are five ways reading will help you have a well-balanced, healthful and interesting New Year:



When my husband and I lived in Berkeley, we always looked forward to heading to the California coast for our vacation. At a wonderfully peaceful retreat called Irish Beach, we would each bring a sackful (or two) filled with books. We interrupted our reading to take long walks along the ocean and breathe in the salt air. A perfect combination that we remember so fondly.


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And, Happy Reading!


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