• Linda Borromeo

Video: Autumn and the Lighthouses of Prince Edward Island

It's in the month of September that Anne Shirley Blythe leaves her childhood home of Green Gables to find her "house of dreams" at Four Winds Harbor on Prince Edward Island.

In L. M. Montgomery's stories, we follow Anne from her high-spirited and imaginative childhood to the beginning of her life as a young married woman. With her husband, Gilbert, Anne arrives at Four Winds as the leaves turn gold. Their new home "looks to the sunset" and there is a view of a lighthouse from the living room window.

On Prince Edward Island, there are 63 beautiful lighthouses and range light buildings along its scalloped coastline. Here is a "tour" of some of these enchanting places, along with autumn scenes and quotes from Anne's House of Dreams:

When I recently reread Anne's House of Dreams, I was curious to see if L. M. Montgomery based the Four Winds beacon on an actual lighthouse on Prince Edward Island. I discovered the interesting answer (and more) and wrote about it in my blog here >

Although I grew up in a desert-like place (it can be 110 degrees in the summer), I've always had a fascination for lighthouses around the world. When I wrote my first book, Mystery Shores, I (of course) set the story on a lighthouse island. The mystery unfolds along the Washington Coast in 1893. I now live in the Pacific Northwest where temperatures are 30 degrees cooler and lighthouses are close by.

In my stories, you'll find islands, mystery, friendship and danger. 

My novel, Mystery Shores, is set on a lighthouse island filled with secrets. 

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