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Fairy Lamps on the Wooded Island

Updated: May 2

For behold, the winter is past; the rain is over and gone. The flowers appear on the earth, the time of singing has come, and the voice of the turtledove is heard in our land. (Song of Solomon 2:11-12 ESV)

Here in the Northwest where I live, I can confidently say the rain is not over and gone. Yet, the light is growing longer, increasing the time between the blush of sunrise and the orange glow of sunset.

What makes light so powerful?

Light just seems to make many things feel more hopeful and promising. And, at a fantastic Fair, there stood little, warm, multi-colored lights that gave their island world a feeling of joy and wonder.

These fairy lamps play an important part in lighting the way and giving hope to my characters, Christie and Melina.

The Wooded Island lived in a world of its own, a place of natural beauty in the midst of the Chicago World's Fair of 1893.

There, young sleuths Christie and Melina are searching for Melina's father. Long thought dead, new evidence gives a small bit of hope that he may still be alive.

If so, Melina knows he must be in immediate and serious danger.

Melina follows the clues to the Wooded Island, a place of seeming tranquility in the midst of the dust, hucksterism and technological wonders of the Fair.

For many visitors to this World's Fair, it was the first time they had ever seen the garish glare of electricity. And yet, these bright electric lights at the main part of the Fair do little to reveal what has happened to Melina's father.

Fairy Lamps and flowers on the Wooded Island

But then, across a graceful bridge, another world opens up for Melina. She finds no electricity on the Wooded Island. As twilight approaches, she slips out into the descending darkness to search for answers. Her way is lit by small oil lamps glowing warmly along the winding paths on the Island.

All around Melina, these lights shine out, jewel-like, through colored glass globes. Thousands of colored lamps flicker and dance, making the Island a fairy world of light guiding her way.

As with the increasing light of spring, Melina finds the promise of hope illumined by the little fairy lamps. Even in the dark, they provide a message that she may find answers if she does not give up and continues to search for the truth wherever it may lead..

Melina and Christie are making progress in solving the mystery—Mystery Fair will be available soon. Christie and Melina's first book, Mystery Shores, is available to read now.

Enjoy these days of increasing light leading up to the renewal of spring!

Then God said, "Let lights appear in the sky to separate the day from the night. Let them be signs to mark the seasons, days, and years. (Genesis 1:14 NLT)

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