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A Fabulous New Book for Baseball Fans


Sharon Robinson hits a home run with a story based on a true event in the life of her father, baseball legend Jackie Robinson.


I began reading The Hero Two Doors Down in the evening and had my light burning past midnight to finish it.


We are introduced to the main character in a way that made me not like him very much. That may not sound like a book that would keep me up late reading, but I came to appreciate the author's intent. The eight-year-old protagonist, Steve, is established in the reader's mind as a real, multi-faceted person.


When Jackie Robinson moves to the predominantly Jewish neighborhood "two doors down" from Steve, both of their lives are changed in unexpected ways.


Ms. Robinson brings to life the atmosphere of New York in the 1940s, along with the special friendship and understanding that develops between the two families.


This is a thoughtful book that is also a lot of fun for baseball and history fans.


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