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Spring Views

Keep me safe, my God,

for in You I take refuge.

—Psalm 16:1 NIV

On a spring afternoon walk, I noticed this poignant scene. While a Canada goose sleeps on the nest, her mate keeps a close watch.

The more I learn about Canada geese, the more they touch my heart. I used to think the pair took turns incubating the eggs. After all, I knew they'd take care of the goslings equally once they hatch. A visit to Cornell's All About Birds gave me a new picture of how their nesting behavior works.

It's the female of the life-long pair who chooses the nesting site and acts as the architect, constructing most of the nest using dry grasses, moss and other plant material. She then lays 2-8 creamy-white eggs. After her second egg is laid, she contributes some of her own down and feathers to keep things warm.

The view from the nest

She is the one who incubates the eggs—the male diligently safeguards them until their young hatch.

It's a lovely picture, I think, of how the Lord watches over his loved ones as they go about their day. Whether I'm out walking on the trail or writing my books, I can trust in Him to watch over everything that matters.

Show me the way I should go,

for to You I entrust my life.

Psalm 143:8  NIV

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